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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 6-Step SEO Audit Every Marketer Should Conduct

As you name your pages, keep in mind the following tips.

  • Make the Page Title Unique: This has similar reasoning to the meta description we mentioned above. If you have multiple pages with the same name (your company name, for example), it will dilute the SEO of your page and may confuse internet browsers.
  • Keep the Page Title Brief: Most search engines only show about 70 characters of a title on their results pages. Try to keep your titles within that limit. If you're having trouble, at least try to use the most important keywords toward the beginning of the title.
  • Don't Include the Domain Name: Including your domain name in a page title rarely adds value since your domain name is already used in the link. It also tends to take up the character space you should be using for your more useful keywords. If you need to include your domain name in the title, make sure it comes at the end. For example, the title tag on our blog is: Internet Marketing Blog | HubSpot.

How to create a great webpage title -

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