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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Collection of Thoughts by Christian Light

As of late I have been very disturbed about something. Christians and the Christian right in particular. It bothers me greatly how hawkish these people are. How they worship the state and call for more and more wars and killing. It’s sickening to me how they pervert the word of God. The Bible tells us to have no other Gods before God. But the Christian right has a God in something else. The state, and in particular the military of the state. They absolutely love the military. They can’t get enough of it. They love everything about it, the uniform, the killing, the wars, and the way of life it instills. I just don’t understand what happened. Why these individuals somehow think that the wars are moral and most even have the audacity to say that we are doing God’s work. That’s funny, isn’t Jesus called the prince of peace? Didn’t he teach us to love our enemies, to love our neighbors, to be compassionate towards others, to help others? What happened to these values? In the mind of these people War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Well said. I know we see it in everyday life, but few Christians are called on it.

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A Collection of Thoughts by Christian Light

As a libertarian I hate the word we. We may all be Libertarians here. Whether you are of the anarchist variety or minarchist we have one thing in common, we hate the state. As a libertarian anarchist I hate the state, I might hate it more than most anarcho-capitalists do. I hate everything it stands for. Hate is a strong word, but it describes what I feel. Why shouldn’t we use the word hate to describe how we feel toward this entity we call the state? I think we should use the word hate. After all, we are describing an institution that claims to have absolute control over us! That claims it owns us, it owns our actions. The very thought of this disgusts me. I hate the very thought of the state, the very thought of the state. I am a sovereign human being! How dare someone else tell me how I should live or what I should do with my life! I am a free human being. No government has to tell me I’m free. I know that I was born free. I don’t’ have to explain myself to anyone or any government.

And I thought I was an amateur anarchist. I have been falling behind.

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Frederick Douglass and Modern Slavery by Chris Sullivan

Drapetomania was a supposed mental disorder that caused slaves to run away from their masters. Anyone paying attention to the emigration of many Americans to freer countries might think that drapetomania is striking the wealthier classes.

Never heard the term before. But I do know that expats are leaving.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Education After the Collapse: School When There Is No Classroom by Mac Slavo

For those of us paying attention to what’s happening in the world around us, the coming collapse is a foregone conclusion. All signs point to the inevitable: that an event, or series of events, will soon lead the world into what can be described as a modern period of the Dark Ages. Food will become scarce, violence will thrive, disease will spread, governments will turn on their people, and the fragile social fabric that has maintained relative peace throughout the Western world will unravel.

and i thought i was pessimistic -

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why He Lies and Cheats

Why He Lies and Cheats Revealed

For millions of years, a need to mate with several partners was a very useful reproductive tactic. Men and women, who strayed on a "spouse", were more apt to succeed at having a lot more children than people who were absolutely faithful to one mate. Cheating was a tactic to enhance reproductive success and spread risk.

A few important contrasts between men and women when it comes to cheating:

1. Men often cheat with less desirable women although women cheat to move up socially. Women frequently don't understand "how could he have sex with HER".

2. Men are prone to physical, one-night stands instead of emotional affairs.

3. Guys are less likely to contemplate leaving their partners after cheating. When women cheat, it tends to be emotional, so they more often consider ending their existing relationship.

4. Men are more likely to constantly cheat, or to cheat with multiple other women.

If you have ever wanted your man to come with an training guide so you might figure out what was in reality going on in his heart and in his mind, this is it.

Take a good look at the free video, and you will see that truth is being exposed. -

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Monday, September 24, 2012

We Should Do What the Government Says Is Good for Us by Karen De Coster

CFLs just don’t have the same warm glow as incandescent bulbs. CFLs also can’t be dimmed as low as an incandescent light bulb, which makes them unfriendly to people who value a quality ambiance. LEDs can dim lower than CFLs, but the cost of LEDs may be high for some time. I value natural sunlight during the daytime, and very low, strategically placed lighting in the evening and at night. This helps me to shut down, unwind, and prepare for a good night of sleep. I sleep so well that if it takes me more than five minutes to fall asleep, that is akin to insomnia for me. On the contrary, sleeping problems and sleeping pill use is almost epidemic in America.

CFL are my initials too. I would take offense, but I don't have the same warm glow as most people either. At least the other bulbs are also shown to be a "bit dimmer".

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