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Thursday, July 8, 2010

That Special Book in My Life

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Science of Getting Rich

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


PaySpree - An Affiliate Network That Pays out On the spot Paypal Commission On All Product


If you promote digital products on the net, you are no doubt aware of the two most well-liked affiliate networks, ClickBank and PayDotCom.


While both of these are terrific, and I highly recommend both of them, today I came across a brand new service that truly grabbed my interest. It's called PaySpree and the reason it caught my notice is that ALL its members receive a commission for their sales instantly by PayPal.


Even affiliates get paid for their referred sales immediately by PayPal.


I imagine it will turn out to be quite a market leader as the temptation of 'instant commissions'  played a substantial part in the enormous success of products such as 7DollarSecrets and the RapidActionProfits scripts.


I've actually come upon products for sale that are just lists of affiliate programs that pay out instant paypal commission. And I've noticed several threads in the different affiliate marketing boards wondering about where to obtain instant commission affiliate programs. Now there is an full site and marketplace dedicated to them.


As soon as you become a member, you can begin marketing any product in the marketplace, plus you can insert your own products so other affiliates can  promote them for you. All commission payments are handled automatically by PaySpree, it seems like a winner to me.


I've just signed up and had a look around the site and it looks pretty simple and non cluttered, test it out at the link below and let me know what you think:

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File an LLC to Recapture Rights Ordinarily Denied to SSM Partners

Until LGBT marriages, domestic partnerships, and civil unions are recognized by the federal government, same-sex and alternative families will have to depend on a combination of a Secure Couple LLC ™ and added legal documents in order to gain even a small portion of the 1,300+ legal and economic benefits offered to married couples.


What are some of the 1,300+ benefits given to male-female married couples automatically but lost to LGBT couples? What are LGBT couples missing?


1. No joint filing of tax returns at the federal level, despite the fact that they filed joint returns at the state level.


2. For an average couple, SSM partners will lose over $8,000 per year in Social Security survivor benefits after the passing away of the higher earning spouse.


3. No lump sum death benefits - civilian or military - to assist with funeral expenses.


4. Cannot file an immigration petition for a foreign-born spouse even if the SSM was officially permitted in your partner's home country, for example, Canada or Denmark.


5. Loss of joint estate tax exemptions.


6. No automatic right exists for same-sex couples to make medical or emergency decisions on behalf of their partner.  With a legally binding durable power of attorney for healthcare, the trusted partner you name will be lawfully allowed to take care of critical issues for you -- for instance, directing your medical care -- if you are unable to do so yourself.  Married couples are given this right automatically in all states.


7. No equitable ownership of joint property or debts in case the relationship dissolves (except when you have an Limited liability company or other legal agreement). No states have adopted legal guidelines to partition property when domestic partnerships break up.


8. Several business entities such as family limited partnerships are not open to LGBT couples.


9. May not be able to be included in a spouse's health insurance unless the corporation adopts an enlightened policy. Continuing insurance protection (COBRA) may not be open if the insured spouse loses his or her employment.


10. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 allows individuals up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for ill spouses, or the children and parents of a spouse. Does not apply to a same-sex companion.


11. Can be denied the right to visit a partner in critical care/ICU. Incidents in some hospitals such as Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, have led to more enlightened visitation policies.


12. No automatic rights or responsibilities for joint parenting, adoption, foster care, custody, or visitation.


13. Same-sex partners do not inherit in the absense of will, as do surviving spouses when their partners die intestate.


14. No death or spousal settlements for retirement pensions, Social Security, Medicare, or annuities.  Protections intended for one spouse’s vital economic resources such as the capacity to remain in the family home when the other partner requires Medicaid long term nursing home care are denied.


15. In cases of wrongful death or significant injury, partners and children of partners have no standing to file a lawsuit for damages.


16. In court, SSM couples cannot assert marital immunity from testifying against their partner.


17. No right to make decisions about final preparations for a deceased "spouse", such as burial versus cremation, or where the deceased will be laid to rest.


18. No SSM benefits provided to military families such as healthcare, dental, housing, educational aid, vocational guidance, home loan guarantees, relocation assistance, housing allowances, survivors' benefits, and VA benefits.


19. No survivor's benefits for spouses of federal employees, including lost wages, workers' compensation, health insurance, and retirement benefits.


20. Lack of other state civil lawsuits including loss of consortium, crime victim recovery reimbursement, and domestic violence protection orders.


Same-sex partners would be wise to consult their lawyers to draft legal documents to recover as many benefits as possible that traditional married couples receive automatically. The 20 lost rights above are only the tip of the melting iceberg.


Documents you may wish to discuss with your legal professional include:


- Limited Liability Company for asset protection and distribution

- Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

- Co-Habitation Agreement

- Co-Parenting Agreement

- Simple Will

- any number of trusts for additional asset protection


Many states, including Florida, will accept properly written cohabitation agreements.  A fundamental use for same-sex cohabitation contracts is that the essential purpose cannot be to enforce a sexual arrangement.  Moreover, sex cannot be offered in trade for a financial arrangement.  These agreements are void as against public policy.


Every situation is unique, but several of these agreements are beneficial for male-female married couples as well. Guard you LGBT relationship with an LLC until  and even after SSM discrimination ends.


 LGBT and alternative families will have to depend on a combination of a Secure Couple LLC ™ and other legal documents to gain even a tiny portion of the 1,300+ legal and economic benefits offered to married couples.


Retrieve your free Secure Couple LLC ™ ebook and learn how to register an LLC to proclaim your commitment, set up your joint finances, and guard your future until the federal government and the several states get rid of marriage discrimination against LGBT couples and others who choose not to marry -




Charles F. Lamm is a retired attorney now working with Secure Couple LLC -

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Connecting the World

Connecting up all these social media sites is harder than expected.  No wonder Twitter is down due to overcapacity almost every day.


See our new ebook for the LGBT community -


or visit our main site: 

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