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Friday, February 17, 2012

TXT Romance – Read Men’s Minds

Read Men's Minds - (VIDEO) The Deceptions Men Perpetuate - Understand men's minds? - why men cheat on wives - If you are like most women you have no doubt been lied to by a man . . . You have been lied to by every man you have ever loved. W

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What To Do When She Leaves You by James Altucher

If you haven’t heard, today is Valentine’s Day, the worst holiday known to mankind except for maybe Father’s Day, which is 100% commercial and has no historical backdrop.

Valentine’s Day has some history although not really. It’s named after a St. Valentine, although we don’t know which one (there were three) and we don’t know anything about them (one or two of them were killed while defending Christianity but that’s it), and we don’t know why there is romantic connotation to them (Chaucer mentioned the Valentines in his infinitely boring poetry we are force-fed by our English teachers who try to read us the poems in the original English, rendering them not only boring but potentially lethal. I was almost martyred on one such day).

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

May December Relationships Abroad - Blog

Why Marry a Younger Woman Overseas 

Now is the time to consider marrying a younger woman abroad.  Here's why:

1. Because You Can

Even if you are not able to attract attractive young women in your home country, you will be able to select from thousands from the Ukraine to China to Brazil that are more beautiful than you can ever imagine - and they are looking for someone like you.  "Mail order brides" are a vintage notion.  "Email order brides" will blow you away.

2. Beauty

Guys fall in love with their eyes, or at least fall in lust.  I prefer brown skinned beauties from Thailand or the Philippines, but Russian women on AnastasiaDate or A Foreign Affair are too striking for words.  I don't want to lock into one country too soon.

3. Find Love Anywhere

You can find love anywhere, but more important, in many other areas of the world, you will find value.  I hate to say it, but when I came back  to the U.S. from abroad, many American women have a “what have you done for me lately” attitude.  I promise that a young woman in the Philippines will treat you better on her worst day than your ex did over the past 20 years.  If you take advantage of romance tours from AFA or other companies, you are able to meet hundreds of beautiful women in a week or two.  Shorten the courting process in a secure environment - for you and her.

4. Ego

Let's face it..  Showing up at your 20th or 30th or 40th class reunion with Russian eye candy will upset the women, make men envious, and make everybody speculate about the magnitude of your bank account.

5. Tired of All the Local BS

There's an old saying, "You know you've been married too long when your marriage sucks and your wife doesn't."  Maybe you just need a new set of problems.

6. Raw Physical Attraction

Add a smoking hot body to a beautiful face, and most men are toast.  Nothing wrong with wanting to wake up next to some firm female flesh.  You know we’re pigs.  You have called us that for decades.  Now, we have a little blue pill that will alter the sexual playing field forever.

7. Want a New Family

You may have missed having children the first time around, or you may want to do a better job with a new partner.  Maybe you just needed to grow up, shed youthful bad habits, and get it right this time.

8. Elegant Partner

If you can resist the desire to court the very young women, you can go from late 30s to early 40s and find women you will not see at home.  The republics of the former Soviet Union were good at many things, especially education.  Elegance and culture.

American women have done all they can to put roadblocks in front of American men looking to marry abroad (IMBRA).  They want to believe it's about subservient women stroking old egos.  It may be in some cases, but that's none of their business.

Others can disapprove and judge all they feel like.  I would rather wake up each morning with the youngest, tallest, prettiest, smartest, and sexiest woman who in fact believes I am a catch.

BONUS REASON - Sometimes old girlfriends and ex-wives just have to know that you still have game - with the right woman..

As beautiful as potential Russian mail order brides are, even more so in the Ukraine, I would not feel that I had searched for the best Russina bride unless I had taken a romance tour to the Ukraine to check out all the possibilities.

~ Charles Lamm
A Foreign Affair -

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Cloud Internet Marketing

20 Things We Can Learn About The Future Of America From The Death Of Detroit

Do you want to know what the future of America is going to look like?  Just check out what is happening to Detroit.  The city of Detroit was once one of the greatest industrial cities in the history of the world, but today it is a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole.  Nearly half the men are unemployed, nearly half the population is functionally illiterate, more than half of the children are living in poverty and the city government is drowning in debt.  As economic conditions have gotten worse, crime has absolutely exploded.  Every single night in Detroit there are frightening confrontations between desperate criminals and exasperated homeowners.  Unfortunately, the police force in Detroit has been dramatically reduced in size.  When the police in Detroit are called, they often show up very late if they even show up at all. Detroit has become a lawless hellhole where violence is the currency of the streets.  If you want to survive in Detroit, you better be ready to fight because there are hordes of desperate criminals that are quite eager to take literally everything that you have got.  But don't look down on Detroit too much, because what is happening in Detroit will soon be happening all over America.

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Why Are Record Numbers of Young Adults Jobless and Living at Home With Mom and Dad?

In the United States today, unemployment among those age 18 to age 34 is at epidemic levels and the number of young adults that are now living at home with Mom and Dad is at an all-time high. So why are so many of our young adults jobless? Why are record numbers of them unable or unwilling to move out on their own? Well, there are quite a few factors at work. Number one, our education system has completely and totally failed them. As I have written about previously, our education system is a joke and most high school graduates these days are simply not prepared to function at even a very basic level in our society. In addition, college education in the United States has become a giant money making scam that leaves scores of college graduates absolutely drowning in debt. Many young adults end up moving back in with Mom and Dad because they are drowning in so much debt that there are no other options. Thirdly, the number of good jobs continues to decline and this is hitting younger Americans the hardest. Millions of young people enter the workforce excited about the future only to find that there are hordes of applicants for the very limited number of decent jobs that are actually available. So all of this is creating an environment where more young adults are financially dependent on their parents that ever before in modern American history.

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When the Grid Goes Down, You Better Be Ready! | Ready Nutrition

Ladies and gentleman, if there’s one thing that can cause the veritable “S” to hit the fan, this is it.

So how do we remedy and/or prepare for a grid down scenario? Think retro – like pioneer retro- and by that we have to go way back to when we were not so dependent on the luxury of on-demand energy in its various forms. When preparing for a grid-down scenario, we must comprise different contingency plans for short-term and longer-term issues. That being the case, we have to admit to ourselves that it could last longer than we expect and much more than just a minor inconvenience. Therefore, the best way to prepare is to start with your basic needs. That is the need for light, heat, water, and food. Some preparedness items to stock up on are:

  • Alternative fuel sources such as solar and diesel, wood for burning.
  • Food preservation supplies – dehydrators, canners, smokers, fermenting/pickling supplies. To learn more, click here.
  • Bulk food – Canned, freeze-dried, dehydrated or dry goods.
  • Water filtration supplies, rain harvesting supplies and large quantities of stored water.
  • Light sources: Lanterns, flashlights, candles and matches and alternative light sources
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Emergency stove – solar oven, rocket stove, camping stoves, etc.
  • Wood burning fire place – Central air heating systems, even if they use natural gas or propane, depend on electricity for the blower that will circulate the heated air. When the grid is down, this system will not work. Having a wood burning fire place is an alternative to central heating systems.
  • Cash money and/or silver or gold currency.

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Rising Black Social Pathology by Walter E. Williams

Many black students are alien and hostile to the education process. They are permitted to make education impossible for other students. Their misbehavior and violence require schools to divert resources away from education and spend them on security, such as hiring school police and purchasing metal detectors, all of which does little for school safety. The violent school climate discourages the highest-skilled teachers from teaching at schools where they risk assaults, intimidation and theft. At a bare minimum, part of the solution to school violence and poor academic performance should be the expulsion of students who engage in assaults and disrespectful behavior. You say, "What's to be done for these students?" Even if we don't know what to do with them, how compassionate and intelligent is it to permit them to make education impossible for other students?

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