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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Will the Bad Dream End

More reasons to consider liquidating and moving abroad.

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The United
States is not a normal country. If it ever was one, it certainly
isn't now. Its imperial foreign policy has long made it special,
and now that it’s the world’s lone superpower – with an effective
monopoly on aerial warfare, calling the shots as to who can have
nukes, claiming the unilateral right to start wars against anyone
– the U.S. government has become so belligerent, and especially
in remote lands, that American wars have become routine, its casualties
relegated to the back page.

How Cool is This

Don't know if people will give up their iPhones or Blackberry or Android, but it is a nice option if the wifi part does not add too much to the cost.

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Eye-Fi memory card uploads photos as you take them

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CEO Jef Holove holds a tiny but powerful Eye-Fi wireless memory card.
Enlarge image EnlargeBy Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY
CEO Jef Holove holds a tiny but powerful Eye-Fi wireless memory card.

By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Three years ago, a new kind of memory card went on sale promising to reduce the hassle of transferring photos and video from a camera to your PC or the Web.

The Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi networking to instantly upload your work. It's still a niche product, although Eye-Fi is getting closer to its dream of enabling wireless uploads as easily as they're performed on smartphones.

Since late 2007, customers have uploaded just over 100 million photos. For now, you can only post images online at photo-sharing sites. You can't e-mail them directly to a friend or yourself. And the card works only in open Wi-Fi hotspots.

But Eye-Fi has formed partnerships with the largest camera manufacturers — including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Sanyo— to offer on-screen menus for uploads in what Eye-Fi calls "connected cameras." And there are apps available for the iPhone and iPad.

Pricing starts at $49.95 for a 4-gigabyte card, substantially more than a plain vanilla 4-GB card (which can be found for as low as $15). The high end: $149 for a superfast 8-GB Eye-Fi card with geo-tagging and other extras.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Pain Centers - Legal Pain Relief

Before the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act became law in 1914, the federal government virtually left Americans alone to medicate with alcohol, opiates, and cocaine as they saw fit.

Some years ago when South Korea had Peace Corps Volunteers wandering around (me among them), one could buy any legal drug from the local "yak bang" - no prescription needed..

Had a cough you could not extinguish?  Codeine was available at the corner drugstore for less than a dollar.  Amphetamines were available from approximately 6 cents a pill.  I never tried them, although they were available if I wanted them.

All Korean drugstores were off-limits to U.S. Military Personnel.  I guess soldiers are expected to suck it up and endure the pain.

No where in the U.S. Constitution do I find a right for the federal government to interfere in doctor-patient relationships.  Yet they do.  Like the licensing of physicians, this right - if it exists at all - should be exercised at the state level.

The Act provides:

"Chap 1. - An Act To provide for the registration of, with collectors of internal revenue, and to impose a special tax on all persons who produce, import, manufacture, compound, deal in, dispense, sell, distribute, or give away opium or coca leaves, their salts, derivatives, or preparations, and for other purposes."

Even though technically legal for individual use at that moment in time, some doctors who prescribed opiates to addicts were arrested and imprisoned since addiction was not considered a "disease" a health care provider could treat in "the course of his professional practice."

Compared to other countries, medical doctors in the United states. are hesitant to prescribe opiates and other restricted pain killers - even when they know their patients would benefit.

Treatment for terminal cancer patients including liquid heroin has been available in England, but even that government is pushing for methadone instead.

As a result of a nanny state and a failed war on drugs, the best pain medications are routinely denied or completely prohibited to patients in the U.S.

In my mind, pain management is more medical art than medical science.  If we were truly free citizens and not subjects of government force, we could consult with our physicians and choose any medications or treatment plans we wanted.

Pain treatment centers come in several forms:

- individual pain clinics owned by MDs

- separate departments in hospitals and universities

- chiropractors

- acupuncturists

- physical therapists

- psychiatrists/psychologists


- clinics that readily prescribe pain killers - "pill mills"

- yoga

- hypnosis

- medical marijuana

Pain concentrated in one area may well be addressed more effectively via one type of chronic pain clinic than another.  Chiropractors, as an example ,, are a regular destination for individuals with persistent back pain.  But back pain is complex, and may require your family doctor, physical therapy, or even acupuncture.

Main types of pain include:

- cancer

- arthritis

- sciatica

- back

- neck

- leg

- foot

- headache

Insurance companies complicate pain management and treatment.  Failure of insurance companies to approve treatment for chronic pain drives many sufferers to specialized pain clinics where they must pay out-of-pocket.

If your physician is not willing or unable to dispense the correct drug treatments and pain killers to treat your condition, visit your community pain clinic for help.  Now keep in mind, most insurance providers will not cover chronic pain management.  You could be required to pay out-of-pocket.  Visit the clinic web site for insurance coverage and payment guidelines before making an appointment.

The aim of this web site is to look at various forms of pain treatment and to help visitors locate the precise pain clinic in their local area.

Tags:  chronic pain relief,pain relief centers,pain relief clinics,sciatica,sciatic nerve pain relief,back pain

For more on treatment for chronic pain or pain treatment centers in your local area, visit:  "No More Pain" Clinics.

Charles Lamm is a retired attorney now working to assist those with chronic pain in finding the right medical treatment plans in their local areas. -

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sitemaps for wordpress

Some simple steps to take care of sitemaps for your Wordpress blogs.

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3.) Generate a Sitemap.xml, for search engines.

Get plugin ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress’ see install is pretty straight forward. Download the zip, upload to server in plugins directory. Unzip and activate.

Then go to settings XML-Sitemap.

Under Status, click on build the sitemap link.

Under Basic Options ‘Building mode’, check the ‘Rebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blog’

Under Update notifications, check the ‘Modify or create robots.txt file in blog root which contains the sitemap location.

File permissions: OK, robots.txt is writable.’

Then scroll to the bottom and click Update Options.

4.) Create a Site Map page (this is different than the sitemap.xml). This will help your users navigate your site. It may also help your search engine results.

Get plugin ‘Sitemap Generator’ see ‘’. Install this like any other plugin.

Then go to Settings–>DDSitemapGen

I usually leave the settings to the default except for the following changes:

Under Sitemap Generation select the following:

What to show: Pages and posts

If showing both, which first: Pages first

Then under Miscellaneous enter the path to your sitemap.xml (This was created with the ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress’) into the ‘Full path to XML sitemap:’ text box.

Scroll to bottom and click the Update options button.

Now go to Write–>Page

In the title put Site Map. In the Post, select the Html tab and enter the following:

<!-- ddsitemapgen -->

Uncheck the Allow Comments and also adjust the Page Order. I usually just put a really high number.


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