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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Almost Everything Is a Crime in America Now: 14 of the Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For

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An Album I'll Always Love

Jimmy Buffett Boat Donation

Album: Meet Me In Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection

Artist(Band): Jimmy Buffett

Date: 04/05/2003

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Do Tel - Claim YourBusinessName dot tel

Do Tel - Claim YourBusinessName dot tel

Professionals have yet to take advantage of a .tel domain to administer their online image and reputation.  The only reason must be a lack of knowledge.

Never has anything so powerful and cheap been ignored by the business community.

A .tel is a new TLD that lets the domain owner to store, post, and manage contact information and keywords directly in the Domain Name System (DNS), the  worldwide system that stores locations of all the web sites in the world. 

For the first time, personal and business information can be stored directly in DNS. 

16 Factors to Consider -  Personal and/or Business .tel:

1. Claim your name.  There are thousands of "Robert Jones" or "John Smith" competitors for your .tel.  Be the first.

2. Be in command of your information.  Post your contact info, text, photo, search terms, and locality in several public and private profiles.

3. No web hosting required.  Your info is stored directly in the DNS structure and does not require separate web hosting.

4. Economical.  Domains are available for less than $20 per year - and no other hosting required.

5. Profiles.  Control the information you wish to share.  You can have separate public, private, work, home, vacation, or any other profiles.

6. Business directory.  Create folders for different offices or list employee extensions.  

7. Mobile friendly.  Your .tel domain will load almost instantly and read easily in any smartphone.

8. Professional profile and branding.  Attach info to you personally no matter which company, law firm, medical office, or real estate broker with whom you are currently associated.

9. SEO optimized.  Ranks high in the search engines.  Inside a day or so, will most likely show on the top page of Google when someone searches for "Your Name".  Be discovered more quickly via search engines. Structured info, keyword phrases, and links to a domain  name all permit search engines to determine the significance and purpose of the .tel.

10. One contact.  You can make you lone lifetime contact point.  Regardless where you are, your information is accessible to clients and customers.

11. Make modifications almost instantly.  Updates are visible in seconds.

12. Branding.  Your .tel domain can replace business cards and brochures.

13. Simple.  Your friends, relatives, and business contacts will always know where to go to obtain a mailing address or phone number.

14. Location.  Include a map to your office or business location.

15. Keywords.  Use an unlimited number of search phrases to advertise yourself. You are able to inform people where you work, your hobbies, your skills, anything you wish to reveal publicly, and show a photo or logo for easy recognition.  

16. One-click dialing.  From your mobile phone, you can click on the site phone number and dial instantly.

Caveat:  Like any other personal information, you may not want to post everything.

Avoid posting:

* Social Security Number
* date of birth
* home address
* bank information
* financial details

Your username and password are all you need to manage the .tel control panel.  Never share this login with anyone.

Once you have set up your .tel, I recommend you post the link on business cards, online business profiles, websites, blogs, and anyplace you would be able to generate business leads or aid your current clients or customers.

Visit: and see my .tel domain in action. - 


Charles Lamm


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Local Internet Marketing Services

Local Internet Marketing Services - What Does Your Business Need to Stay Alive

Making your local, small business findable is critical.  People search via the web for offers and purchase locally.  Internet marketing for local businesses is necessary to survive and thrive.

To attract local customers and clients who need your products and services, you may want to turn to a local internet marketing specialist for non-traditional Search engine marketing such as online yellow pages listings, digital business cards, and mobile friendly websites. 

Search behaviors are shifting.  Newspapers are lining bird cages.  Yellow pages are getting thinner and thinner and still clogging dumpsters.  Tivo guarantees I never have to watch tacky local cable ads.  Even my 83 year-old mother can shop local specials and print out coupons before going shopping.

Why does your company need local internet marketing services?

To begin, it's distinct from conventional Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Customary SEO techniques help make your site findable, which is all well and good.  It doesn't hurt.  Traditional SEO can elevate your local business listings - if those listings are in place.


73% of all online activity is related to local content

85% of web visitors rely on search engines and carry out in excess of 16 billion searches a month

90% of those searches are for local vendors 

66% of Americans exploit the Web to locate local businesses

54% of Americans have replaced their phone books/printed yellow pages with search - and just about 100% for those less than 50 years old

82% of local searchers follow up their search with a telephone call or walk-in

53% of U.S. online consumers research products online then buy at a local store or over the phone

43% of search engine users investigate or shop online then purchase locally

Google share of U.S. searches holds at about 72% (May 2010)
   * Yahoo! - 14%
   * Bing - 9%
   * - 2%

Sorry to say, most firms or people who offer local search or local seo are “geek-centric”.  They will overwhelm you with tech speak such as SEO, SERPs, and PPC campaigns.  As a small business owner, I want customers or clients, not campaigns, branding, or useless hits to my website.  How they do it does not concern me as long as their methods are white hat.

* Push me past my competition on Google, but most importantly, send customers to my door instead of to my competitors.

* I need a local internet marketing specialist who can get the job done without calling me six times a day.  Prove you are the expert I need.

* I need to take care of my customers while you destroy my competition.  Help me now.


Internet Mad Men - - makes your business findable on the Internet for your local customers. 

We specialize in making your business website findable to potential customers searching the Internet for your specific product or service. 

In addition, we specialize in making your site mobile friendly for the many millions of Internet users who use smartphones to access the web.

Charles Lamm provides Local Internet Marketing Services for small businesses throughout the United States.


Charles Lamm


My profiles:
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My blog: Yeast Infection And Pregnancy

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Dumping the Microwave

Amplify’d from

Am I asking you to toss your microwave oven into the nearest dumpster?

Not necessarily. It can be a useful tool for cleaning. But if real estate in your kitchen is at a premium, it should probably be the first thing to go.

You really CAN survive sans microwave—people are living quite hap

Breaking Free of Your Microwave: A Few Basic Tips

lifestyle adjustments, such as:

  • Plan ahead. Take your dinner out of the freezer that morning or the night before so you don’t end up having to scramble to defrost a 5-pound chunk of beef two hours before dinnertime.

  • Make soups and stews in bulk, and then freeze them in gallon-sized freezer bags or other containers. An hour before meal time, just take one out and defrost it in a sink of water until it’s thawed enough to slip into a pot, then reheat it on the stove.

  • A toaster oven makes a GREAT faux-microwave for heating up leftovers! Keep it at a low temperature — like 200-250 degrees F — and gently warm a plate of food over the course of 20-30 minutes. Another great alternative is a convection oven. They can be built in or purchased as a relatively inexpensive and quick safe way to heat foods

  • Prepare your meals in advance so that you always have a good meal available on those days when you’re too busy or too tired to cook.

  • Try eating more organic raw foods. This is the best way to and improve your health over the long run.

Top 10 Health Articles of 2010

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Do Tel - YourBrand dot tel by Charles Lamm (pointsofhype) on Myspace

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Memory Foggy? 5 Signs It's Not Serious by Joseph Mercola

2010 1 oz Gold Chinese Panda – (Sealed) | Live Free

(1 gm) .9999+ Fine APMEX Gold Bars | Burn Down the Freaking Mission

keep a portion of your savings in gold -

Vanishing In a Digital Age: Lessons From Evan Ratliff by Bill Rounds

The Man Who 'Invented' Global Warming by James Delingpole

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do Tel – YourBrand dot tel » Points of Hype

The Best Low-Carb Fruits (and the Worst) | Mark's Daily Apple

the tree is loaded with grapefruit this year - if the cold doesn't get them -

Social Security Is Not 'Insurance' by Ron Paul

Classic Harry Browne | Live Free

Best Self-Help Book Ever Written | Burn Down the Freaking Mission

Monday, December 27, 2010

Charles Lamm member profile in Brownbook, the free business directory - Claims page 1, Contributions page 1, Favorites page 1

internetmadmen's user profile - YellowBot

Internet Mad Men - Google Maps

and Google Places -

The Five Myths of Aging by Lauri M. Aesoph N.D.

How to Defend the Free Market Gold Coin Standard: Stop Defending the Government Counterfeits by Gary North

our governments will never voluntarily go back to a gold standard -

What Can We Do About Terrorism? by Harry Browne

Harry Browne's passing a few years back was a huge loss.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

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