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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Russian eMail Order Brides

Russian mail order brides may be an archaic model in the Internet age. Nowadays, with email, instant messaging, and web cams, that beauty in Samara or Odessa has turned into the girl next door. For the first time in the history of man, you can discover the perfect woman before making that initial contact.

From the frontier time in the American West, unattached men have been sending for mail order brides.

Courtship between men and women was completed wholly through the exchange of letters and maybe a photograph, until the ladies finally arranged to wed gentlemen they had never met. Many women wanted to get away from their present way of living, increase economic security, and grasp what life has to offer.

A Russian woman may not have been able to find an appropriate match at home, or she might want a better lifestyle for her - and your - future family.

Why a Russian woman?

1. Beauty

No matter which Russian matchmaking site you use to browse the profiles of Russian women, you will be stunned at the number of lovely young women who are looking for husbands in the West.

2. Brains

One thing the old Soviet Union did was educate it's people. Math and hard sciences, not self-esteem and women's studies. If you are ready for a striking, bright woman who assists you instead of competing, Russia is the location..

Your Russian wife will probably be better educated than the women you generally meet.

3. Age Difference

Each year, thousands of Russian mail order brides come to western nations for marriage. Nations that receive the greatest number of Russian wives are the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, and Norway.

The demographic driving Russian women into marrying abroad is that there are 10 million more women in Russia than men. Some women are destined to stay single. The cultural pressure for a Russian woman is to get married and start a family.

I do have difficulty with young women 18 - 25 who allege they will think about a man up to 65 or even 80. Way too suspicious. Reeks of singles organization manipulation of the girl's individual preferences or somebody who is a little too much in need of a green card.

4. Style

Etiquette may possibly be on the decline in most of the world, but you will find Russian women polite, well-bred, and sophisticated. At my age (56), Old World elegance is appealing.

As I get older, I am grateful for good manners over a wild child.

5. Family-Oriented.

Russian women are family-centric in terms of relationships and matrimony. Men are men and women are women. Living with a Russian wife, you are the man of the house. She cooks delicious meals daily for you. She ensures the clean house when you get home. She takes good care of you and your children. A traditional Russian bride will treat you with respect Americans have not seen since the 50s.

With tens of thousands of beautiful young women to select from, remember this. Do not settle. Before you send your first letter or email or make that first phone call, make sure the woman you choose is wonderful on the surface.

All the Internet can really do is filter out the women who do not excite you.

Chemistry will not be determined until after you have a chance to meet up in person. If she appeals to you physically, you owe it to yourself to meet her in person and find out if she is the one on an emotional plane.

Chances are, if you are straightforward regarding yourself, you will uncover a beautiful woman who is more youthful, taller, prettier, smarter, sexier, and better educated than you will find next door.


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Charles Lamm is a happily retired attorney and novice anarchist currently moving about the planet. You can find more Russian personals web sites at his Dating Directory Online.