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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going PT

A true decision to settle your affairs, get rid of anchors, and become a perpetual traveler is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. We are so conditioned as sheeple to do the right thing and to follow the rules that we never ask ourselves what kind of life is right for us. School. J

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Why Your AAI Authority Site Needs Conduits

Your long term authority site needs conduits if it is to build anytime anywhere income now. 1. Affiliate marketing is much harder than it used to be. The cost of entry (free) brings in newbies every day. Every Google algorithm change (Panda, Penguin, others) drives article reviews deeper and deep

more on authority sites -

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10 Real-Life Reasons Why the Primal Blueprint Works for Me | Mark's Daily Apple

10 Real-Life Reasons Why the Primal Blueprint Works for Me

puzzlepiece2copyThere’s been a lot more talk in the mainstream recently about “caveman” diets and barefoot training. Primal/Paleo/Evo seems to be gaining in popularity and may be nearing the critical mass needed to garner mainstream appreciation. John Durant appeared on Stephen Colbert last week, Art De Vany was featured in Der Spiegel, Born to Run is a NYT Bestseller and my book recently made the top ten Health and Fitness titles on Amazon. Even so, we Primal types still get those occasional looks of derision or incomprehension when we show up at the gym with our Fives on and a bag of homemade jerky hanging off our belt to do a quick 15 minute HIIT session. I think there’s a sense among outsiders that the Grok fairy tale trumps the science within the Primal crowd – that the notion of living like a caveman is a cute ideal but irrelevant in a 21st century high-tech context. Of course, it’s not true; science always leads the way here at MDA and on most Primal/Paleo/Evo sites. But even with the science completely supporting the idea that we ought to emulate our hunter-gatherer ancestors in many aspects of life, I still hear things like, “I trust my doctor too much to give up the statins and start eating fats.” Or “I’m lazy, undisciplined, and I love good food too much to be able to change this late in my life.” Hey, me too! So for those of you who are looking for more detailed rationale why living Primal is best for everyone (including your doubting spouse and your parents), here are my 10 Real-Life Reasons Why the Primal Blueprint Works for Me.

Best diet for traveling anywhere in the world.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

AnastasiaDate Dynamic Review - Hot Women Looking for You

AnastasiaDate Dynamic Review - Photos of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls searching for romance and husbands in the West. Don't concede. You now have access to more women by the use of the Web than you could ever have met in a lifetime. I dislike using the term, b

Dating Directory -

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Downside to Authority Websites

What is the downside to building an authority site? If there was one sure-fire way for a business to make money online, everyone would be doing it. While building an authority website is currently your company's best bet to dominate it's marketplace over time, there are some caveats to consider:

Make an authority website a base for anytime anywhere income.

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Ecuador President Rafael 'We Are Not a Colony' Correa Stands Up to the Jackbooted British Gestapo by Paul Craig Roberts

Let’s be clear, Assange is not a fugitive from justice. He has not been charged with any crime in any country. He has not raped any women. There are no indictments pending in any court, and as no charges have been brought against him, there is no validity to the Swedish extradition request. It is not normal for people to be extradited for questioning, especially when, as in Assange’s case, he expressed his complete cooperation with being questioned a second time by Swedish officials in London.

Governments will bend or break any law.

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A Complete and Simple Internet Marketing Plan for Generating Passive Income Online

What typically happens is that time is wasted trying different approaches without really building any of them out to fruition. The newcomer dabbles in a little of this and a little of that, and nothing really goes anywhere. They build a niche site and try to rank well for what they believe to be a lucrative keyword. Then they build a landing page to try and sell an affiliate product. They might test out some different ways of acquiring traffic in order to generate sales. They hear of different business models and they see other people having success with them so they immediately jump on each new bandwagon and give it a whirl.

Patrick hits it on the head. Internet Marketing ADD is a disease that can destroy PTs searching for anytime anywhere income.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Authority Site vs. Company Site

Authority Site vs. Company Site 1. For most searchers, a company website is little more than an ad page with an order form. An authority site gives unbiased information and advise to guide a purchase decision. 2. An authority website is tied to a niche or market, not to a specific company.

PTs should begin building their own authority sites.

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When you are responsible for your own health, there is no excuse for exhibiting all of these symptoms of type II diabetes. All of these wounds are self-inflicted. Related articles Toll of Britain's obesity epidemic exposed as diabetes prescriptions soar by 50 per cent in six years Dia

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Diabetes: Symptoms -


By Mayo Clinic staff

Diabetes symptoms vary depending on how high your blood sugar is elevated. Some people, especially those with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, may not experience symptoms initially. In type 1 diabetes, however, symptoms tend to come on quickly and be more severe. Some of the signs and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes include:

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme hunger
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Presence of ketones in the urine (ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of muscle and fat that happens when there's not enough insulin)
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow-healing sores
  • Mild high blood pressure
  • Frequent infections, such as gum or skin infections and vaginal or bladder infections

Although type 1 diabetes can develop at any age, it typically appears during childhood or adolescence. Type 2 diabetes, the most common type, can develop at any age and is often preventable.

I have let my blood sugar get out of control, and exhibit virtually all of these symptoms right now. It's going to take a two or three day fast to get this back under control.

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Organizational Health

Observations about Organizational Health: 1. Start with an organization of one. 2. Simple and accessible. 3. Need discipline, courage, persistence, and common sense. 4. Many critical but not yet urgent issues. 5. Hard to quantify organizational health. 6. Kaizen mandate.

Set up your organization before going perpetual traveler.

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Jim Rogers Issues Dramatic Warning - Money Morning

In a riveting interview on CNBC, legendary investor Jim Rogers warned Americans to prepare for "Financial Armageddon," saying he fully expects the economy to implode after the U.S. election.

Rogers, who for years has been an outspoken critic of the Feds policies of "Quantitative Easing," says the world is "drowning in too much debt." He put the blame squarely on U.S. and European governments for abusing their "license to print money." In the U.S. alone, the national debt has surged to nearly $16 trillion, that's more than $50,000 for every American man, woman and child.

"[They] need to stop spending money they don't have," Rogers said. "The solution to too much debt is not more debt... What would make me very excited is if a few people [in the government] went bankrupt..." Rogers added.

critical to make plans to escape -

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American Civilians Buy as Many AK47s as the Russian Military and Police... and Demand Is Surging Because Gun Owners Fear They Will Be Banned

American civilians are buying as many AK47s from Russia's top armory as the Russian military and police.

The surge in sales of Russian assault rifles and shotguns are fuelled by firearms enthusiasts who are paranoid about the weapons being banned in the United States.

after the election?

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Who Is To Blame? by Cam Rea

Here is the question. If God is truly punishing the United States for its sins, then why does God seem to disapprove of the State so strongly? The passage above suggests that God hates State established borders (although not individual borders established by the property owner, who inherited or bought the land on which they live on). If the State can draw the borders, it makes the idea of owning property illegitimate, for the State now holds a monopoly on not only the land but also the very people within its confines. Within these confines, the State needs a symbol and a force to back that symbol (leader), especially the kind that involves a military force supported by taxing its very citizens to protect and suppress.

the fallacy of the Christian right -

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The Hunt for a Known Cure by Bill Sardi

One of the dirty little secrets of modern medicine, and a reason why healthcare costs are so high, is that researchers and clinicians are trying to profiteer by inventing and delivering the highest cost medicine. Ten-cent cures are not to be found. Patentable, costly man-made medicines reign. Natural medicines are shunned or ignored.

Such is the case where British scientists claim they have discovered high iron levels in the colon/rectum raise the risk for cancer and say they are avidly searching for chelating (key-lay-ting) molecules that will mop up the iron and reduce the risk or even treat active colon/rectal cancer. They say they hope to start using these molecules in the coming years. But high-risk individuals with polyps in their colon or who have a history of bowel inflammation can reach for a cure that is already at hand.

A molecular cure already exists and is found in nature. It is the reason why whole-grain and high-fiber diets reduce the risk for colon/rectal cancer. A master iron-chelating molecule called IP6 (for inositol hexa-phosphate), found in the bran portion of grains and seeds, which is an available dietary supplement as a purified rice bran extract, has been demonstrated to inhibit colon/rectal cancer in numerous studies and inactivates the very same cancer-promoting gene (Wnt) shown in the newly published study in Britain. In one study IP6 decreased the uptake of iron in cells found in the colon by 50-65%.

Why not use natural methods before drugs?

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Thoughts on Freedom

Things are changing fast in America. I need to raise the money to leave. 1. The only people who say running away from your problems is not the answer are the people chasing you. 2. I need to create a bucket list of classic books to read before I die. 3. "Language and religion are the gr

more on

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Seven Decisions

      1. Responsible Decision buck stops here accept responsibility for my past responsible for my success or failure will not let history control my destiny 2. Guided Decision seek wisdom be ready to bug out 3. Active Decision person of action

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I am working on a business model for taking Writer-Publisher-Curator and teaching it in the Philippines. 1. Standards are not for bending. 2. Simplicity is blunt. 3. Clarity propels an organization. 4. Organization needs pervasive, 24/7, in your face, take no prisoners clarity and tr

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Improving performance and increasing writing production depends largely on focus and eliminating interference. 1. Dramatic performance improvement comes not from new knowledge but from getting rid of interference that gets in the way of using the knowledge we already have. (Being a WSO junkie doe

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Where Wealth Thrives and Innovates by Frank Holmes

The latest example making headlines these days is the proposed 75 percent tax increase on the wealthiest people in France in order to “pay for one of Europe’s most generous social welfare systems and a large government.” This tax increase is causing many individuals and businesses to consider relocating. The New York Times indicated that “many companies are studying contingency plans to move high-paid executives outside of France.”

Most countries do not tax income earned outside their borders. The U.S. does. American companies do not have the option of living outside the border and not paying tax.

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Dear Mark: Coffee and Insulin, Fat and Post-Workout Meals by Mark Sisson

What makes coffee research so confusing is that a lot of it is actually caffeine research. You see, researchers love isolating whole food constituents to avoid confounding variables. It’s easier to get a definitive result about caffeine than it is to get one about coffee, because coffee contains huge and diverse levels of antioxidant compounds. If you don’t, and coffee has a health effect, how do you know if it’s the caffeine or something else in coffee causing the effect? That’s helpful, but most of us are drinking coffee – not popping caffeine pills. So, while caffeine is definitely one of the main active compounds in coffee, it’s not the only one. Adjust your interpretation of “coffee” research accordingly.

Health benefits of coffee.

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Dear Mark: Coffee and Insulin, Fat and Post-Workout Meals by Mark Sisson

In today’s edition of Dear Mark, I cover two topics near and dear to many of your hearts. First, I discuss the interaction between coffee intake and insulin. Does coffee stimulate its secretion? Does it impair insulin’s function, or our body’s reaction to it? Find out how you should approach coffee on a Primal Blueprint eating plan. Then, I explore the suitability of dietary fat in the post-workout meal. Does it belong? Should you be stocking skim milk, de-fatted chicken breast, non-fat yogurt, and cartons of egg whites for your post-workout meals? If you’ve just lifted something heavy, should you therefore shun the yolks and fear the fat for the rest of the day? Find out below.

Give me a second cup of coffee.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Most writing improvements come in small increments. The adage that one needs 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill - whether a sport, musical instrument, or a game - can be discouraging. Especially at my age. Here are some observations about motivation and action needed to create

Continuous improvement.

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Not About the Coffee

      This former Starbucks executive has many good things to say about creating a culture for your company. 1. The early stage is when the culture and values are imprinted on a business. 2. Identify the value, skills, and goals to guide your life and career. 3.

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Warning: Get Your Money Out: 'All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone' by Mac Slavo

The warning, stemming from a recent federal appeals court ruling surrounding customer funds lost during the 2007 collapse of Chicago futures broker Sentinel, indicates that individuals who lose deposited funds because a financial institution improperly manages that money, even if those funds are supposed to be “segregated” from other operations of the firm, are essentially left with no recourse if the firm goes belly-up. According to the court, a misallocation of those customer funds, “is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud’ its customers.”

Consider the implications of this court ruling.

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Why Do They Pretend To Care? by Butler Shaffer

In the aftermath of the murders at the Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee, a lot of counterfeit hand-wringing was expressed by members of the media, politicians, and men and women who could be counted on to appear on television, covering all the bases of politically correct opinion. Once again, we are treated to the spectacle of people engaging in that deadly practice of psychological "projection" (i.e., the effort to rid oneself of undesired "dark side" influences by presuming such traits to reside in others). Institutional deflectors of causal inquiries find the explanation for undesirable events in superficialities such as guns, rock music, lifestyles, alcohol or illegal drugs, clothing styles, or any other behavior that does not negatively implicate corporate-state interests.

We are a violent people. Is it time to find another place to live?

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dozens of 'innocent' prisoners could be freed –

The shift follows a USA TODAY investigation in June that identified more than 60 people who were imprisoned for something an appeals court later determined was not a federal crime. The investigation found that the Justice Department had done almost nothing to identify those prisoners — many of whom did not know they were innocent — and had argued in court that the men were innocent but should remain imprisoned anyway.

Understand that prosecutors love to keep citizens locked up, even if innocent.

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Publishing is no longer a job or an industry — it’s a button — Tech News and Analysis

In the end, Shirky is making the same point we have made before when it comes to publishing: if traditional publishers — of all kinds, not just the book industry — want to maintain some of the value they have had in the past, they will have to stop thinking about controlling the process of distribution or the delivery platform, and think more about the services they can add for authors and readers.

See more at:

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Why Do We Obey? by Eric Peters

If some random guy ordered you to submit to his will – or else – most of us would at least consider it assault. Many of us would try to escape – or defend ourselves. Very few would quietly submit. And almost no one would submit willingly.

But when exactly the same thing is done to us by a person wearing a uniform, most of us not only submit and obey – we do so without even questioning the rightness of the thing.

The uniform – and other totems of officialized authority – confer legitimacy upon the illegitimate. It is a startling thing. It reveals that most people are incapable of grasping the concept of a moral principle – that something which is wrong when committed by an unsanctioned individual is just as wrong when committed by a sanctioned individual – or a group of them.

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