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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Points of Hype Pro

Free points of hype, or free places to showcase your online or bricks and mortar business, number in the thousands. The secret is to discern which ones to take advantage of and which ones to disregard.

Never has the expense of admission into the business world been so cheap - another blessing and curse. You can get started promoting your own products or services, or those of others using affiliate programs, instantly. The bad news is so can everybody else.

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Marketers are often enamored with the latest killer app or marketing technique. Marketing and advertising using social media may look attractive but makes no sense if you discount business listings and traditional SEO.

Search Engines:

Organic or natural search engine optimization starts and ends with Google. A first page listing for your money web pages is the alpha and omega of internet marketing. A top listing is even better.

Search engines and web directories come in various flavors:

- elephants (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask)
- blog search engines
- RSS search engines
- web directories
- specialty search engines (real estate, news, etc.)

Organic search results - the holy grail of making the first page of Googles SERPs - is dependent on picking the precise niche keyword phrases to anchor in unique content posted on your blog, website, or thousands of other locations on the web.


Spiders or bots from the main search engines constantly index every word on the Internet. Unique content targeted to your money keyword phrases will improve your ranking in Google.

Content can be posted online in:

- self-hosted website or blogs
- article directories
- free blog hosts
- community websites
- free websites
- free blog space in some social media sites

Much has been written about duplicate content and whether or not there is a penalty. The duplicate content penalty is mostly a myth. What really happens is Google, when faced with the identical article posted in numerous places, will not return all in the search results.

A Google slap for duplicate content is rare, unless the exact identical content shows up numerous times on the same website. I once had an article picked up and republished on 800+ websites. They all showed up in Google until the results were narrowed down to only the most important sites.

Some argue that you ought to use techniques like bum marketing to churn out up to 50 articles a day. I prefer to write one article, create 50+ titles, heavily spin the article, and create thousands of unique articles for the blogs and article directories.

Every point of hype now has a unique article creating a one way backlink to my money site, or any website I choose. Google loves backlinks almost as much as content.

A good manual spinner and a decent writer eliminate all duplicate content issues.

A good manual spinner like Magic Article Rewriter is okay, meaning you generate all the sentence and word substitutions. The language is entirely yours. Automatic rewriters can create stilted, unnatural text - and ordinarily do.

Free PLR articles have been hashed out on the Internet so many times by lazy marketers that the search engines give them no worth, or as I like to say, they have no Google juice.

PLR articles are of limited use. That's why you can acquire tens of thousands free. You get what you pay for. The only value I see is for minimal research and title ideas.


The significance of social media comes from the relationship features, in particular the ability to create a individual or business profile. You are able to brand your business and create authority one way backlinks to your website.


- business listings (Google Places, Localeze)
- IYPs (MagicYellow, Yellowbook)
- online business profiles (LinkedIN, BusinessCard2)
- article directories (Ezinearticles, Goarticles)
- social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace)
- social bookmarking sites (Digg, Diigo)
- microblogging sites (Twitter, Plurk)
- free blog hosts (Blogger, Wordpress)
- community websites (Squidoo, Hubpages)

Google loves one way backlinks from authority, high ranking websites. You are not able to get to the top of the organic SERPs without them.

Working in concert, you are able to promote your business to the first page of Google.

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~ Charles Lamm

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Points of Hype

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

US Will Certainly Lose Its AAA Credit

Politicians never learn until the peasants revolt.

Prison Costs

You could cut prison costs in half overnight by releasing all drug offenders.

Amplify’d from

I'll return
to the governor's pungent comment. But first, I'd like to mention
a few facts about American prisons. I'll start with California.
The California prison system, euphemistically known as the California
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, employs more people
than any other state agency. It has 69,000 authorized positions.
Between 1998 and 2009, its budget almost tripled, reaching $10.3
billion dollars in the latter year – despite the fact that the number
of people in prison had increased by only 9% during the period.
(I'm using the Department's own figures here.) As of 2009, the average
cost of maintaining an inmate in this system was more than $49,000,
of which about a third was spent on healthcare. That is more than
twice what my own excellent healthcare insurance costs me and my
employer, the University of California, despite the fact that I,
unlike 85% of the inmates in California prisons, am over 50 years
old and therefore have higher real healthcare costs than the average
California inmate.

Now, if you
think this picture is representative only of California, you are
right – in a way. Florida, which is demographically comparable in
many respects, and also has a "modern" prison system, spends only
about $20,000 per year, per inmate, and of that only $4300 is spent
on healthcare.