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Thursday, November 3, 2011

AnastasiaDate Dynamic Review

Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides searching for husbands in the west.

AnastasiaDate Dynamic Review - Hot Women Looking for You

AnastasiaDate Dynamic Review -


Mail order brides have never been this first-rate.


What online matchmaking has done is shorten the filtering process and take away any potential matches for women you do not believe are perfect for you.  If the profiled lady is not of the correct age, beauty, height, weight, or does not have the educational experience you wish for the future mother of your children, hundreds of other women do.  The identical criteria work for her.  These women are beautiful, and do not lack suitors.  What they are aiming for is what they imagine are ideal husbands.  We don't all succeed, but getting past the preliminaries saves time and increases the odds.


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Change the World

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I will tell you how to change the world:

A) Stop being angry at the world first. Ultimately, you can’t change it by force, by voting, by protesting. Nothing works. So it’s none of your business what’s going on out there. I forget who said it but someone said, if you want to walk comfortably, it’s better to put on your own sneakers than cover the entire world with leather.

B) Heal yourself. Forget about the past (“historical is hysterical”) and forget about the future (a popular book right now is that America will be #2 by 2025. My view: who even cares? And who thinks so far ahead anyway? I can get hit by a bus tomorrow and not even be here in 2025.) Focus on how you can be a better person NOW. If each person was healthy now, then change will happen.

C) How do you heal yourself? Do “The Daily Practice” I recommend. Blah. I hate recommending that every day. In my book, I Was Blind But Now I See,  I have some modifications on how you can tailor the Practice to your lifestyle. But here’s one trick that you can do instantly. If you find yourself getting angry about some world event you can’t change, label that thought “not useful”. Instead, replace it with a thought that makes you a better person. Perhaps a thought of gratitude towards what you have. Gratitude improves not only you but the people around you. This is the seed of world change. Not anger.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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russian mail order brides

Male Fitness

many of us need to step up -

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man should be able to save his own life
and protect his children
and spouse. By keeping yourself at a high level of physical fitness,
your chances of both avoiding a dangerous situation and surviving
one are much higher.


Revolution Here

A revolution is underway – one that will topple the existing order.

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It’s not
the sort of revolution that decapitates monarchs or murders czars.
But a revolution is underway, and it is the kind that’s going
to overthrow faith in government.
But that’s
not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it might be a very helpful
I think it
is time now to begin investing as if there were no government guarantees…or
at least no reliable government guarantees.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Higher Education

I've saying for years college can be a waste. Expect a melt-down if student loans go away.

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A system
has grown up that encouraged enormous debt for nonperforming assets,
namely, schooling in things that won’t pay off. People are
still falling for it. But markets aren’t mocked forever.
There has to be some painful write-down in central bank-distorted
asset values before the economy can regain solid footing. This
is just as true for higher education as it is for real estate.