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Saturday, April 9, 2011

maple syrup

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Maple syrup joins the ranks of broccoli and blueberries as new 'one-stop shop' superfood


Video Sharing

video sharing is growing among the masses - how soon before it replaces broadcasting

Friday, April 8, 2011

IRS hunts for U.S. tax evaders at HSBC I

The war against ex-pats continues.

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Escalating the U.S. attack on off-shore tax evasion, federal investigators Thursday sought approval for a court summons aimed at forcing banking giant HSBC to turn over account data for wealthy American clients suspected of using the bank’s India division to hide assets.


Pre-Employment Credit Check

At most call centers, these credit checks are just used to check for prior credit card fraud. Bad credit would disqualify about 80% of the agents. The credit bureaus are full of it. They earn millions and millions off the checks. That's the reason for the nonsense below.

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Giant credit bureaus Experian and Trans-Union also oppose the bills. Employers want to know whether a job applicant “acted prudently while (previously) employed,” says TransUnion spokeswoman Colleen Tunney-Ryan. “A pre-employment (credit) report is one tool that helps them assess that.”


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do You Really Believe

do you really believe that the economy is turning around -

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The following
are 27 depressing statistics about the U.S. economy that are almost
too crazy to believe....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Convicting the Innocent

Lawyers and Hollywood have know this forever. Juries are now coming around.

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Petro lays
out what he says are the myths about the system, and they are:

Myth 1:
Everyone in prison claims innocence.

Myth 2:
Our system almost never convicts an innocent person.

Myth 3:
Only the guilty confess.

Myth 4:
Wrongful conviction is the result of innocent human error.

Myth 5:
An eyewitness is the best testimony.

Myth 6:
Conviction errors get corrected on appeal.

Myth 7:
It dishonors a victim to question a conviction.

Myth 8:
If the justice system has problems, the pros will fix them.