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Saturday, February 2, 2013

'Gun Violence': The 'National Conversation' We Won't Have by William Norman Grigg

Guerena, a former Marine and Iraq combat veteran, was gunned down by a Pima County SWAT team who committed an illegal home invasion on the basis of a spurious search warrant. When the invaders arrived, Jose was asleep after finishing a graveyard shift at a local copper mine. It’s difficult to believe that the 26-year-old father of two would be working the graveyard shift if he had been at the center of a large marijuana smuggling operation, as the Pima County Sheriff’s Office later claimed on the basis of unalloyed speculation.

30 years of glorified swat -

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Mystery of the Romance Impaired

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Text the Romance Back

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Visit to the 'World’s Most Livable City' by Mark Nestmann

Because of its central location, EU membership, and outstanding amenities, Austria has become an increasingly attractive residence option for high-net-worth families worldwide. EU citizens, along with citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, don’t need a residence permit to settle in Austria. Citizens of other countries who wish to reside in Austria must obtain a residence permit, unless they have a right of residence according to EU law.

And Salzburg is even better for a relaxing vacation.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Discover the Romance Impaired

Discover the Romance Impaired

As an original member of the romance challenged, I need all the aid I can get around birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day for the mother of my children, and every other day my significant other designates is ripe for romance.

10 Rapid Romantic Tips:

1. Build a love montage by collecting some pictures of you and your lover, maybe a few ticket stubs of places you have visited and any other small odds and ends that have special significance to both of you.

2. When it comes to flowers, make sure to have them delivered to her office.  And don't go low-priced.  Women want their fellow workers to recognize they am able to get the job done at home as well as at work.

3. Always listen for things that your lover reminisces about and write them down somewhere. For example, possibly she speaks about the ice cream she had from a particular shop when she was small. On a special occasion, look at your list of items your significant other talks about and attempt to reconstruct one of them, such as delivering that special ice cream.

4. Arrange a mystery trip for you and your partner. Some travel agents will coordinate mystery packages where the destination of the trip is kept secret until you are literally on the plane or reach your destination.

5. When your significant other is ill at home, take a day off to take care of  her. Rent some videos, make her soup, wrap her in a blanket, and simply be with her.

6. Study your partner's preferred hobby and identify a gift that is truly valuable for her. The more focused the present the more impact it will have. Talk to her friends and family, and make use of the Internet to uncover the information you need.

7. Jot down a note saying "I thought of you and it made me smile." Leave the note somewhere where your lover is certain to find it, or text it to her phone.

8. If your lover has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes, especially after she has enjoyed a shower or when she is preparing for bed.

9. Speak to your partner's family and find out what her favorite book was when she was a little girl.  Get a copy of the book and read it out loud to her in bed.

10. Set up a special day off from work. Start with breakfast, go for a long walk in the park, go shopping, have afternoon tea in a comfortable cafe, and end with a romantic dinner.

Ten suggestions are not an exhaustive list, yet if you're like me, it's more than she's been receiving for quite some time.

Come on over to for the latest and greatest ways to use smartphone technology for old-fashioned romance and keep the starch in your relationship.

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Just a beginning, but everyone has to begin somewhere.  But it pays big dividends, above all physically.  Visit our site TXTromance for more on how to text the romance back, or how to text your ex back.

By Charles Lamm