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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The war against pain clinics

London company sells breast-milk ice cream -

wrong on so many levels

A Bad Moon on the Rise. . . by Eric Peters

It’s Official: You Must Report Offshore Insurance, Annuity, and Gold Accounts by Mark Nestmann

War Über Alles by Paul Craig Roberts

Your Questions About Free Online Sims Dating Games » Free World Dating Sites

How WHTI Affects You (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coral Calcium Facts and Benefits – Coral Calcium

video56188 – Coral Calcium

Wisconsin Union Stalemate

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The 14 Democrats
in the legislature have adopted a unique way to keep the governor's
proposed union-busting legislation from getting passed. They have
refused to show up. The legislature lacks a quorum by one vote.
So, there can be no new legislation dealing with money. The Democrats
supposedly are all in hiding in Illinois. They receive salaries
for this. Call it a paid vacation.

I hope the
idea spreads. I would prefer to pay legislators to flee the state
rather than pass laws. I would even support expense accounts for
AWOL legislators.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

affiliate elite -

Why Affiliate Marketing - Points of Hype

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Why Affiliate Marketing

One of the essential tenants of Burn Down the Freaking Mission is to have a source of revenue not dependent on any one outside corporation, company, LLC, authority, or any other person other than a sovereign individual.
Affiliate marketing can provide a form of financial insurance against a collapsing economy or hyperinflation, whichever comes first.  Modern, urban survival may well depend on such skills. 

Some Reasons:
No Investment Required
1. Start a business with only a computer and Internet access.
2. No cash required.  Only time.
3. No employees necessary.  Automate and outsource to grow your business.
4. No need for a commercial office.
5. No utilities - electric, phone, gas.
6. No accounting or bookkeeping necessary for products sold, only your personal profits.
7. Vendor processes orders and delivers products to your customers.
8. Customer service is handled by the merchant, not affiliate.
9. If you have no money whatsoever, you can still run your business online in the cloud.
10. Your business can be run from any Internet connected computer.
Instant Grits
1. Start earning immediately.
2. Signup with the largest affiliate networks like Clickbank and CJ takes less than 5 minutes.
3. No selling - just reviews and “pre-selling”.
4. No licenses or permission required from any government.
1. Affiliate marketing is portable.  
2. Computer and Internet access is all that is needed to run your affiliate marketing business.
3. If the business or political climate in your hometown or native country becomes unsettled, you can take your business with you.4. Live in the city of your choice, not your employer's force. 

1. Sell worldwide, 24/7.
2. Sell to customers anywhere, no matter where you live.
3. Sell to thousands as easily as you can sell to one.
1. People will always need to purchase food, clothing, energy, tools, and hundreds of other items.  
2. Offer items with an inelastic demand - ones that people will always buy regardless of the price or the economy.
3. As times get more difficult, people will turn to the Internet for the best products at the best prices.
Changing Retail
1. Consumers once relied on retailers and sales professionals for product information and education.  Now, via social media, they rely on each other.
2. New manufacturers will  bypass traditional ones by selling many products directly to consumers.
3. For many products, retailers are an expensive, unnecessary cost.
The Sovereign Individual
1. Market your expertise.  You can become the worldwide expert in whatever field you choose.  Earn by recommending products to others.
2. Thousand of companies with millions of products are available to promote.  Companies will need top affiliates more than you need any one company.
3. While the best products to sell are those that cannot be easily copied or substituted, the ease and no cost entry into affiliate marketing is challenging.  You overcome this by becoming the expert in your niche and connecting with customers via social media.
4. Programs exist in most developed countries.  Develop sources of income in other countries.
5. Residual income is possible when marketing recurring affiliate programs.  You can write articles once that link to affiliate products, and earn income for years without constant labor on your part.  
6. Turn your life into a virtual plantation.  Take control of the management and outsource the grunt work.
7. Build your relationships with affiliate merchants and customers so that your personal, intellectual, and emotional needs are met via your work.
8. As your affiliate marketing business operates automatically 24/7, you now have free time to pursue real interests, like wine, women, and song.
To find freedom in an unfree world, you have to make changes before fate forces you to.

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