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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gold to the Rescue

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What these people are lacking is a basic understanding of the bigger picture. Ultimately, this debate is not about raising or freezing the debt ceiling. This debate is not about saving our economy or our global credit standing. This debate is about choosing our method of poison, and nothing more. That is to say, the outcome of the current “political clash” is irrelevant. Our economy was set on the final leg of total destabilization back in 2008, and no amount of spending reform, higher taxes, or austerity measures, are going to change that eventuality.


Renaissance man

Age of specialization over?

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Renaissance man
Awhile back,
we posted about the importance of striving to fulfill your complete
potential by becoming a true Renaissance
. While we live in a world that encourages specialization,
a man should seek to learn about as many subjects as he can and
expand his mind to its outermost limits.

Centuries ago,
being a Renaissance man was a pursuit preserved solely for the well
to-do. It was only the upper-classes who could afford private tutors
and expensive books. Today, happily,  the spread of technology has
placed the goal of being a true polymath within any man's reach.
A modern man can spend a lifetime educating himself on everything
from philosophy and religion to cooking and music, all without ever
spending a dime. If you desire to enrich your mind without ever
opening your wallet, here are some avenues to pursue, with some
personal recommendations for each. Of course, not everything a Renaissance
man needs to know can be taught in books or on the internet, but
this is a worthy start to supplement your hands-on training.


Owning Gold

keep some physical gold and silver in reserve -

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I think the
dollar is now entering the eye of the crisis hurricane storm. I
have encouraged you to hold gold and silver outside of the banking
system and I think it is now critical that you get it done to at
least some minimum level.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Your 401k

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starting to see the
coming pension wipe out
creep up in smaller cities, and you
can be assured that this will spread like wildfire as local, state
and federal governments that have over committed funds and underestimated
economic growth and tax revenue struggle to stay in the black.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More on Quitting

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The American
religion wants you to believe that corporate safety is here, that
its going to protect you and your white picket fence and your framed
college degree. But its a lie. The government doesn’t care
about you. Your bosses don’t care about you. And when the desert
that rises up to claim you back into its dust, you’ll disappear
and nobody will wonder about your accomplishments and the things
you are most proud of.


Slow Tuesday

Obama wrong on private jets. He let this fight slip away. Don't know if he will recover.

Right But Not Might

Obama threatening to veto a bill on the debt ceiling. Not likely.