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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 6-Step SEO Audit Every Marketer Should Conduct

When you audit your site's most important pages, make sure you set your meta descriptions and check that the following is true:

  • Your Meta Description is Not Too Long: If your meta description is longer than 150 characters, aspects of it may get cut off by search engines. Make sure your summary is brief and front-loaded with good keywords to give readers a sense of what they'll find on the page.
  • Your Meta Description is Unique: Remember, the goal of the meta description is to set the searchers' expectations about what can be found on that page. Having multiple pages with the same description doesn't serve that purpose.
  • Your Meta Description Does Not Contain the Page Title: Reusing the page title for your meta description is a missed opportunity and can look strange to internet searchers. Instead, use the meta description to elaborate on the promise of your title.

All you need to know about meta-descriptions.

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