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Thursday, June 28, 2012

BlackBerry maker RIM posts huge loss and cuts 5,000 jobs

Struggling to fend off competition from iPhone and Android, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is hemorrhaging losses.

Despite pledges by its new CEO to focus more heavily on marketing and better products, RIM reported Thursday a fiscal first-quarter loss that was greater than expected by analysts and said it'll cut 5,000 jobs.

The Canadian company will also delay releasing BlackBerry 10 -- a new mobile operating system developed to compete with Apple's iOS and Android -- until later this year.

Sucks when you own a Blackberry and come up app short.

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How to Have an Affair Without Getting Exposed

Have an Affair Without Getting Exposed "A woman one loves rarely suffices for all our needs, so we deceive her with another whom we do not love." - Marcel Proust 1. Each person on the website is searching for affairs - not soulmates or companions. 2. You could have your affair as well as le

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Need For Privacy And Data Protection

But one must not forget how technology has also made it extremely easy for us to protect our private information. There are free and easy to use tools such as TOR, Truecrypt, GnuPGP, Mailinator and others that can help keep your privacy protected. So, even if technological efforts are being made to breach your privacy you must not lose heart because there also being developed personal privacy protecting solutions with more being introduced with every day.

While I haven't been using free privacy tools, it may be time to start.

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In a Police State, Everyone Loses: The Supreme Court’s Ruling in Arizona v. United States Endangers Us All by John W. Whitehead

Thanks to a muddled decision handed down by the Supreme Court on June 25, Arizona police officers now have broad authority to stop, search and question individuals – citizen and non-citizen alike. While the law prohibits officers from considering race, color, or national origin, it amounts to little more than a perfunctory nod to discrimination laws on the books, while paving the way for outright racial profiling.

I used to hate this in other countries. Never thought it would be law in the US to show me your papers. Perpetual traveler, anyone.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

America's first neocon war - American History -

The War of 1812 was America’s first neocon war. With an audacity that would become familiar, the war hawks appealed to a combination of personal pride — the British navy was forcibly conscripting Americans — and the prospect of material gain — the absorption of British Canada — wrapped up in love of country. No one said the conquest of Canada would be a “cakewalk,” but the hawks were confident the Americans would be greeted as liberators.

is it any wonder we can't stay out of other people's business -

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The True Source of Monopoly by Thomas DiLorenzo

That government is always and everywhere the source of monopoly power was on display recently in the June 24, 2012 issue of the Palm Beach Post in an article entitled "21 Arrested in 3 Delray Gambling Raids." Like most other states, the state of Florida "legislated" itself a legal monopoly in gambling and advertises relentlessly to persuade mostly lower-income Floridians to spend more than $4 billion/year on lottery tickets. These billions are used to pay the salaries and perks of myriad government bureaucrats, including not only $25 million/year for lottery employees, but subsidies for government school bureaucrats, TV-watching/weight-lifting fire station loafers (our "first responders"), police, and many others.

The state of Florida, like other states, is not hesitant to use deadly force to protect its gambling monopoly. As such, it is no different from any other criminal gang that protects its monopoly profits from illicit drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, extortion, etc. According to the article in the Palm Beach Post, the state’s lottery police got wind of a private lottery game called "bolita" taking place in the back room of a hair salon. The game involved about a dozen people and a bag with 100 numbered marbles. The people in the room were putting money in on gambles as to what numbers would be pulled out of the bag, just as the state lottery does several times a week but on a massively larger scale.

guys poker night is next - unless the Chief of Police is in on your game -

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn't Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter | Microsite Masters

Conclusion: What Is Google Doing?

We just demonstrated the “actions” Google is taking by evaluating one of the best data sets in existence to conduct a case study of this nature, so it should be obvious that Google is trying to prevent over-optimization of links in terms of anchor text use and valuating links from relevant sites higher than links from non-relevant sites in terms of SERP visibility for the promoted site.

panda and penguin -

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