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Monday, September 26, 2011

Beauty Tax

Are countries about to make beautiful people less free?

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In order to protect the strategic resource of young women, I suggest that country gradually implements the “beauty tax”. Actually, there is already such precedent in one country where the lack of young women yielded the implementation of similar taxation.

In the small country of Belarus, East Europe, the president Lukashenko personally addressed the “beauty issues”. One day, he discovered by chance that almost all female models were foreign women. So he asked, “where did all Byelorussian girls go? ” The answer was “The most beautiful girls were hired by foreign model companies.” Lukashenko was furious and ordered to limit the “export” of beautiful girls to protect the national strategic resource.

Currently, there is a surprising number of Chinese women doing show business abroad. And the young Chinese girls marrying abroad only aggravate the gender imbalance. For example, Wei Wei who married a foreigner and lives in Sweden. Not only China lost a worker in the field of art but also a beautiful woman. Indirectly it caused some Chinese man to lose a spouse and more than one child in China.


ignore government and news

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Ignore world
politics, ignore the government statistics, ignore the headlines
which try to make you scared, ignore the pundits who sell newsleltters
based on fear and greed.

They are all
out to SCAM you. If you are putting your hopes and future happiness
on the thought that the world is going to end you’re going
to be dead wrong.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


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