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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Impending Collapse of American Medicine by Paul Craig Roberts

There are two main reasons that US medicine is so expensive. One is that profits are piled upon profits. In addition to wages and salaries for doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, the American health care system has to provide profits for private hospitals, diagnostic centers, insurance companies, and for the accountants, attorneys and management consultants made necessary by the enormous litigation and regulatory compliance cost. American medicine is the most regulated in the world and the most criminalized.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bug-Out Boot Camp by Tess Pennington

If the proverbial S hits the F, we will see a lot of serious injuries, and even deaths, from people making unaccustomed physical demands on their bodies. A lot of us are going to be using muscles we forgot we had. Our bodies will be under enormous cardiovascular stress. On top of the mental stress we will undergo, the physical stress will very likely kick our butts.

Prepping with food and medical supplies is not enough. A good mental attitude is not sufficient. We have to prep our bodies too.

Moreover, your entire family should begin a fitness program to train their minds and bodies for emergencies as well. A family or group is only as strong as their weakest link. You want a strong group that is physically equipped to handle the demands that an emergency situation may place on them.

*Disclaimer: Before starting this or any other exercise program, consult your physician.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cleansing – When Is the Last Time You Did This? by Margaret Durst

Congestion isn’t just the result of wrong foods and portions. Many of our habits interfere with digestion, overloading the body with food that cannot be metabolized and increasing our chances of toxicity or congestive overload. Things that interfere with digestion include inadequate chewing, eating too fast, drinking too much liquid with meals and eating when stressed. Another cause of poor digestion is drugs that lower production of stomach acid.

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Unilateral Free Trade by Patrick Barron

No Country Can Harm Another Economically without That Country's Consent

In order to accept the wisdom of international noninterventionism in economic affairs, one must understand that no country (or bloc of countries, such as the EU) can harm another economically without that country's consent, meaning its tacit compliance. In other words, a country can adopt its own trading and currency policies and need not be influenced or harmed by the actions of any other country. But first of all, we need to understand the definition of "harm."

I find it amazing that business owners want me to take food off of my table to buy American. I like the Chinese. They give me what I want at the best price. No Republican or Democrat ever did.

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