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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To End the Fed, and How Not To by Gary North

It would be very easy to end the Federal Reserve System. Congress would write the following bill. The President would sign it.

  1. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and all subsequent amendments to that Act are hereby revoked.
  2. The gold that belongs to the United States government, and which is kept on deposit with the Federal Reserve System, is hereby transferred to account of the United States Treasury.

If the Federal Reserve System has made any secret agreements with other central banks regarding the ownership of that gold, those arrangements would become legally null and void. The FED would own no gold of its own to deliver. Ownership would revert to the United States government.

Where is Ron Paul?

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Online Insignificance: Buried on Google Search Page 23 by Bill Sardi

Is Google’s new algorithm working?

Yes, Google’s new algorithm eliminated 12% of all online searches where content farms were creating poorly written articles stuffed with keywords to artificially elevate webpage rankings. But I don’t trust Google either. It has secret components of its algorithm which I’m sure involve profitability, that is, ranks the sites that generate the most income, not the best content, for Google.

The second part is key. Page 1 will be dominated by sites that favor big Adsense sites. Google may lose its edge.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brad DeLong: Nobody Has Any Excuse for Supporiting Dangerous Clown Mitt Romney

From beginning to end, this is incredibly misleading. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t cut $500 billion from Medicare services; it ends the Medicare Advantage program, which cost the government a huge amount of money with few benefits. Likewise, the law doesn’t add “trillions to our deficits.” By most accounts, the law reduces the deficit over the next decade and works to reduce the overall rate of health care spending by the federal government. And on the claims that the law will cause “up to 20 million Americans” to lose their insurance, and make it harder for businesses to hire, Romney is simply lying. Under the law, you can maintain your current health insurance if you like it. As for small businesses, since the Affordable Care Act hasn’t actually been implemented, there’s no way that it can be responsible for sluggish hiring.

Health care lies.

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Reason Not To Retire Overseas #1: "I can't afford it."

Your nest egg has been marginalized in recent years, and you're thinking that there's no way at this point that you can afford to entertain these notions of living or retiring overseas.

Here's the truth: You can't afford not to. I mean this both literally and figuratively.

You could take my advice and launch a more comfortable, more interesting, safe, pleasant, even adventure-filled life in a number of places around the world that I introduce to you in these dispatches on a budget of as little as US$1,200 per month or less. In some parts of Panama, Colombia, Thailand, and Ecuador, for example, you could live comfortably on a budget of less than US$1,000 per month. I'd be surprised if you can't afford that.

But here's the real point: You owe it to yourself to go find out for yourself just how affordable and, more important, just how fun and adventure-filled a new life in a new country can be. I say again that, cost of living aside, you can't afford not to do this.


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

US government proposes law making it illegal for them to kill you

Last Friday, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6357, a bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government. In other words, in the Land of the Free, they need to pass a law to prevent the government from indiscriminately murdering its own citizens.

And you think it's strange to seek out a better place to live?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

So Long and Thanks For All The Taxes n’ Regulations: More Renounce US Citizenships - The Dollar Vigilante Blog -

Of the nearly 200 names on the list, more than 80 appeared to be Chinese. Potential reasons for this are the lower taxes in China compared to the US. The highest income tax rate in Hong Kong is 15%, with no tax at all on capital gains (28% in the US), dividends (39.6% in the US) or estates (55% taxed for dying in the US in 2013). Further, there’s no tax on foreign earnings. This is not so in the US.

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So Long and Thanks For All The Taxes n’ Regulations: More Renounce US Citizenships - The Dollar Vigilante Blog -

The newest list of “renouncers”, as the Wall Street Journal calls them, has been released. According to the paper, the list includes a buyout specialist at the Carlyle Group, a private equity executive at J.P. Morgan Chase, as well as a big-law partner, an international socialite, an Israeli Supreme Court justice, and a London-based artist. These individuals saw through the propaganda about the United States being the “land of the free”. They renounced their US citizenships or turned -- in the case of those with permanent resident status -- they turned in their "green cards".

Rich expats are now renouncers.

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The Trillion Dollar Lies Altucher Confidential

You wake up every morning with a clean slate. But within seconds your mind dresses you up in all the lies for the day. Must aim for promotion at the job, must kiss ass to customers, must send my kids to school, must stay with my wife forever, must write a blog post, must go to war to defend American values, must vote, must eat organic (the irony being that if everyone ate organic the world would starve), must must must MUST.

The real you is always there. Before the thoughts enter it. Before the lies obscure it. Before you are convinced you are either one of “us” or one of “them”.

The real you is neither. Test every thought you have. Your thoughts are not you. They are your children. But we forget that children often need to be disciplined. Else they will test your boundaries and slowly take over the sense of what the “real you” is. You will forget the real Self that has always been there. Don’t let that happen.

Most people live in the dark. Do you think the sun ever sees the dark? The sun is outside. But the dark is by itself, with the shades closed, the door locked, afraid to take a peek, afraid to look into an infinite sky.

I saw Altucher on TV the other day, but this is one of his best posts.

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The Trillion Dollar Lies by James Altucher

I feel bad. I feel like a sucker. Like one by one I fell for every lie. I talk about “don’t do this”, “don’t do that”, and yet I fell for all of them. I’ve been in everything from a cult to the cult of homeownership, the cult of college, the cult of sex, the cult of drugs, every cult imaginable, the cult of corporate safety, the cult of money. Why couldn’t I just be smart from the beginning? Why does it take stupidity to become smart? Or maybe I’m still stupid. Who knows?

I feel like I'm finally shedding some of these cults.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Obesity Surpasses Smoking in Terms of Ill Health Effects by Joseph Mercola

And while conventional medical science may flip-flop back and forth in its recommendations, there are certain basic tenets of optimal health (and healthy weight) that do not change:

  1. Proper Food Choices: For a comprehensive guide on which foods to eat and which to avoid, see my nutrition plan. Generally speaking, you should be looking to focus your diet on whole, ideally organic, unprocessed foods. For the best nutrition and health benefits, you will want to eat a good portion of your food raw.

Avoid sugar, and fructose in particular. All forms of sugar have toxic effects when consumed in excess, and drive multiple disease processes in your body, not the least of which is insulin resistance, a major cause of chronic disease and accelerated aging.

I believe the two primary keys for successful weight management are severely restricting carbohydrates (sugars, fructose, and grains) in your diet, and increasing healthy fat consumption. This will optimize insulin and leptin levels, which is key for maintaining a healthy weight and optimal health.

  • Regular exercise: Even if you're eating the healthiest diet in the world, you still need to exercise to reach the highest levels of health, and you need to be exercising effectively, which means including high-intensity activities into your rotation. High-intensity interval-type training boosts human growth hormone (HGH) production, which is essential for optimal health, strength and vigor. HGH also helps boost weight loss.
  • So along with core-strengthening exercises, strength training, and stretching, I highly recommend that twice a week you do Peak Fitness exercises,' which raise your heart rate up to your anaerobic threshold for 20 to 30 seconds, followed by a 90-second recovery period.

  • Stress Reduction: You cannot be optimally healthy if you avoid addressing the emotional component of your health and longevity, as your emotional state plays a role in nearly every physical disease – from heart disease and depression, to arthritis and cancer.
  • Meditation, prayer, social support and exercise are all viable options that can help you maintain emotional and mental equilibrium. I also strongly believe in using simple tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to address deeper, oftentimes hidden, emotional problems.

  • Drink plenty of clean water
  • Maintain a healthy gut: About 80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut, and research is stacking up showing that probiotics – beneficial bacteria – affect your health in a myriad of ways; it can even influence your ability to lose weight. A healthy diet is the ideal way to maintain a healthy gut, and regularly consuming traditionally fermented foods is the easiest, most cost effective way to ensure optimal gut flora
  • Optimize your vitamin D levels: Research has shown that increasing your vitamin D levels can reduce your risk of death from ALL causes. For practical guidelines on how to use natural sun exposure to optimize your vitamin D benefits, please see my previous article on how to determine if enough UVB is able to penetrate the atmosphere to allow for vitamin D production in your skin
  • Avoid as many chemicals, toxins, and pollutants as possible: This includes tossing out your toxic household cleaners, soaps, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides, and insecticides, just to name a few, and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives
  • Get plenty of high quality sleep: Regularly catching only a few hours of sleep can hinder metabolism and hormone production in a way that is similar to the effects of aging and the early stages of diabetes. Chronic sleep loss may speed the onset or increase the severity of age-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and memory loss
  • going all in on health -

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    The Company Man’s Guide To Starting a Side Hustle – Confronting Your Objections by Tyler Tervooren

    It's a rare man that doesn't – at some juncture of his life – stop to question how things might be different if he worked for himself. Even a man who loves his job occasionally wonders what it might be like to strike out on his own and follow some crazy, half-baked notion.

    Self-employment is a dream held by many men but acted on by few.

    The reasons for this are many, but from my vantage point, most of the reasons practical men decide never to give themselves a chance to start their own side hustle is because much of what we learn about it – at least in The U.S. – comes from television shows, movies, and the media rather than people who actually run businesses.

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