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Friday, November 30, 2012

Zen of Why He Lies and Cheats

The Zen of Why He Lies and Cheats


If you are a woman, you have been lied to by a man.  You have been lied to by each man you have ever loved.  Can you stop the guy you adore from lying and cheating?  -


It's difficult to understand, but guys lie to women all the time. 


Small stuff...


Huge stuff...


About things that do not seem to be of importance at all . . . 




Exactly why can't he simply tell the truth?


My friend Michael Fiore (a nationally recognized relationship expert who has assisted thousands of women) says there are really 3 reasons that men lie to women (and two of them are truly pretty simple . . . here's the first one that tends to SHOCK many women.)


See the video now:


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Charles Lamm

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