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Saturday, April 14, 2012

'Money Is No Object. I Just Can’t Find the Right Person' by Simon Black

Jim Rogers has famously commented that, if you were smart in the 18th century, you moved to France. If you were smart in the 19th century, you moved to England. If you were smart in the 20th century, you moved to the US. And if you’re smart in the 21st century, you move to Asia.

It’s an absolutely true statement. Each time I’m in Asia, I’m overwhelmed at not only the massive opportunity that abounds for productive, creative, intelligent people, but also what a huge difference there is in cultural sentiment.

From Singapore (where I just departed last night) to Vietnam to Mongolia to the Philippines, Asia is full of optimism and confidence, not doom and gloom.

Money is no object. I just cant find the right person. - first stop - Bangkok

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