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Monday, October 4, 2010

Internet Romance - Changing the Rules

A middle-class American man with a job can attract a Russian mail order wife with a beauty and grace he could never find at home.

Russian mail order wives are now a step up or marrying up for even the best educated and wealthiest of Americans.  The Web has simplified the means of winning a woman who is younger, taller, prettier, smarter, sexier, and better-educated than you would be able to charm at home.

The girl next door can now live anywhere on the planet - from Moscow to Kiev to Manila.

Despite the fact that I consider this to be the golden era of email order brides - and not a means for nerdy or cruel adult males to exploit poor or submissive women - I think the opportunity will be dying within 5 to 10 years.


1. Oil

Oil prices are destined to go up dramatically.  A number of economists are predicting $20/gal gasoline.  At half that amount, international air travel becomes prohibitively expensive.

Electrical energy would be able to be generated for your residence or electric vehicle from solar, wind, or geothermal sources, but airplanes need aviation fuel.  Thousands of pounds of fuel.

If oil prices triple or more, which is a clear prospect, global travel will turn out to be prohibitedly expensive for the common man.

2. International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA)

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) requires background checks on American men planning to file immigrant or fiancee visa petitions for foreign women - if they initiated contact through a marriage agency.

Some dating agencies (Yahoo!, are exempt.

An International Marriage Broker (IMB) is an entity - U.S. or foreign headquartered - that supplies matchmaking or social referrals between U.S. citizens/permanent residents and foreign nationals for a fee.

Allegedly to protect foreign brides after the high profile murder of Anastasia King, all it does is take away privacy, free speech, and freedom of assembly from American men.

IMBs Must:

- examine U.S. sex offender public registries for information on the American petitioner

- collect criminal and marital background information on the American man, including how prior marriages ended

- present this information to the foreign woman in her native language

- provide foreign fiancees with a government produced phamplet detailing her legal rights in the U.S.

- obtain the foreign client's written permission to give her personal information to the U.S. client

- limit of 2 fiance(e) visa petitions with at least 2 years between filings

All of these limitations apply to IMB arranged matches, so there are many ways around the law.

Just don't think this will be the final piece of insane legislation to limit liberty of American citizens.

Anastasia King is not the lone bride to fall victim to an cruel and sinister spouse.  If this is so important for foreign fiancees, why not make a law that applies to all women?

American men who want to find a foreign bride are now regarded as second-class citizens.

No disclosures shield American women from American men with criminal pasts.  And there exists that pesky Constitution (what's left of it).

Noble intentions make terrible laws.  IMBRA is a poster child for unwarranted and useless regulations.

If gay marriage becomes law and opens same-sex spouses to immigration benefits, you can expect Congress to make it exceptionally difficult for anyone to bring a spouse home.

Find your Russian, Ukrainian, or Latvian mail order wife before it turns into an impossible ordeal.

3. American Men Still a Catch

For many foreign women, American husbands are nonetheless considered a good catch and a desirable match.  Go figure.

I'm not sure if I am thrilled or frightened.

For whatever reason, many foreign women regard American men as excellent husband material.

After a pair of divorces, I have become more jaded regarding marriage.  As an alternative of falling into a relationship, why not search for exactly what you would like without neighborhood fix-ups or sorting through women in bars.

My recommendations:

For more youthful men, females from Russia, the Ukraine, and the former Soviet Republics, are the sexiest and most desirable females on the planet.

Only get in touch with women who meet all of your superficial requirements - age, elegance, education.  You must get together in person to see if the chemistry is there and if love develops.

Caveat - watch the age differences.  For Russian women, 10 to 15 years younger will work fine.  A larger age difference could be risky.

For older or more conventional men, nothing tops the Philippines.  Filipinas are the most devout, family oriented women I have ever lived among.

Age differences are less of an issue in the Philippines.  A Filipina will stay married as long as she can.  While a Vice-Consul in Manila, I issued visas for brides 50+ years younger than their American husbands.

For men who have retirement pensions or Social Security, I would mull over retiring in the Philippines with a young wife.  Immigration goes both ways.  A "fixed income" that barely covers living costs can offer a incredibly comfortable way of life in many countries.

Era of Global Dating:

For American men, you are approaching the conclusion of the golden era for marriage and family.

You will by no means have a higher place in the minds of foreign brides to be.

International travel will never be this cheap again.

You have never been more able to uncover and make contact with the right woman for you without all of the social and cultural boundaries of the past.

Before governments as well as busybodies once again interfere in the process of love, marriage, and family, grab your ideal mail order wife.

Dating, romance, and marriage will be changed forever.

You can start your hunt for the ideal bride on Russian Mail Order Wife.

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Charles Lamm is a former Vice-Consul in Seoul and Manila, retired immigration attorney, and writer now living in Florida.

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