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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Master the Art and Science of Why Men Cheat

Master the Art and Science of Why Men Cheat

Why Men Cheat Issues

3 Reasons (and yet surely not all) Why Men Stray on The Women They Adore

I guess the simple answer is that they can.  About one in two and a half men (no pun  intended), will cheat during their marriage.  Only 8 percent of men who are unfaithful said it was as a result of sexual dissatisfaction. However, 48 percent of men who strayed alleged it was as a consequence of psychological dissatisfaction.

1. Some damaged men have a long history of unresolved childhood pain or other secret emotional problems that may cause him to rely on sexual excitement and conquest instead of intimacy for emotional gratification.  Having an affair develops into a need in his life.

2. Revenge.  She strayed on you, and you didn't walk.  For men, a woman on the side is a beautiful thing.  We want our cake to arrive with a little ice cream on top.  Certainly not so with most  women.  If she is cheating on you, she has likely checked out on an emotional level and is searching for the exit.  You won't in truth get revenge, but you simply give her the justification to do what she desires to do - and that is not you.

3. It does not happen frequently, but when a stunning woman comes on to you, especially if she  is aware you are married or in a committed relationship, it takes more resolve than the typical man has to turn that offer down.  You may never see another chance like that.  It's  even hotter if she is committed and cheating on her husband.  Somehow, the benefit always seems higher than the risk.

One of the things women do not understand is that men exist in a society of infidelity. We see it all around us. Just about every single day.  We have associates who have cheated on their wives. We have been on business trips where we went to strip clubs and our business partners went into the back room for a lot more. We don’t tell our spouses. A lot of men, even husbands, run with the Vegas idea that what is revealed among men stays among men.

If you ask a man if he's unfaithful, and he is extremely defensive and tries to make you feel like you're crazy, that is a critical indicator. The cheating man does more than lie.  He may then attempt to turn it around and make the woman feel like she's over the line. A man who has not cheated is typically more taken aback and stunned. If he denies it, begin checking his phone. ~

And maybe even before she commits, she needs to know how to capture his heart and make him love her for ever and ever.  The best defense is a good offense. ~

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