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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Anarchist’s Diet by William Green

No. We have to go forward, through the state, to a new kind of anarchy, if at all, and maybe Sisson’s kind of thinking can help with that. If we are built for anarchy the way we are built for primal living, as I believe we are, then maybe anarchists can demonstrate the efficacy of living according to the non-aggression principle so that people will take notice, and it will grow in popularity just as the Primal/Paleo diet is doing.  Maybe droves of people will soon start to cast off statism just as they are casting off grains and sugar. And maybe we can help cast off the state by casting off grains. After all, if grains are a tool of the state, just as public education, central banking, war, and corporatism are tools of the state, then wouldn’t it help to get rid of grain? Isn’t it true that whatever strengthens the individual weakens the state? Could the Primal/Paleo diet be the anarchist and libertarian diet?

We cannot all leave the ranks of the peasants, but I can. I need this model to control my type ii diabetes.

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