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Monday, June 11, 2012

The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead

The following list of A to Z survival items and survival related concepts details what one may have simply forgotten because there’s so much to prepare for. Kind of like; “oh yeah, I am glad that something reminded me of what I need”, or “that’s something I never thought of and I will need it”.   Most everyone will, of course, not be able to amass everything on this list, and there will of course be items and ideas not mentioned here, but it should be a good place to start for beginners and seasoned preppers alike.  A person can always add more to any list of their own essential needs, as lists such as this are almost endless.  It should also be realized that no list of survival items and ideas are perfect for any individual, and just because someone has just a portion of what is on it doesn’t mean that they are not prepared.

a complete prepper dictionary =

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