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Friday, March 2, 2012

May December Romances Overseas | AnastasiaDate Review

May December Romances Overseas

Now is the time to consider marrying a younger woman abroad. Here’s why:

1. Because You Can

Most men have never been in this situation. Buyer’s market. Tens of thousands of beautiful women from China to the Philippines to the Ukraine are looking for husbands in the West. Less than 1% will find their mate. You are the one with choice. You will never again have both the chance of meeting hundreds or even thousands of gorgeous, marriage-minded women and be a desirable mate for these same women.

2. Beauty

We’re men. We fall in love with our eyes first. I happen to be an old white guy who loves brown and dark skinned beauties from around the globe. Just looking for the perfect match in the Philippines could keep me busy for a lifetime.

3. Find Love Anywhere in the World

You can find love anywhere, but more important, in many other areas of the world, you will find respect. I hate to say it, but when I returned to the U.S. from abroad, many American women have a “what have you done for me lately” mindset. I guarantee that a young woman in the Philippines will treat you better on her worst day than your ex did over the past 20 years. If you take advantage of romance tours from AFA or others, you are able to meet hundreds of beautiful women in a week or two. Shorten the courting process in a secure environment – for you and her.

4. Ego

Let’s face facts. If I’m on the streets with a woman my age, no one cares. If I show up at the grocery store or church with a leggy, 25 year old Russian blonde, American women will check out the package, assume I have a fat bank account, and lock up their husbands.

5. Fed Up with All the Usual BS

There’s an old saying, “You know you’ve been married too long when your marriage sucks and your wife doesn’t.” Maybe you just need a new set of problems.

6. Purely Physical

Add a smoking hot body to a beautiful face, and most men are toast. Nothing wrong with wanting to wake up next to some firm female flesh. You know we’re pigs. You have called us that for decades. Now, we have a little blue pill that will alter the sexual playing field forever.

7. Chance for a New Family

You may have missed having children the first time around, or you may want to do a better job with a new partner. Maybe you just needed to grow up, shed youthful bad habits, and get it right this time.

8. Elegance and Culture

Women a little older (early 40s) received the best of the Soviet education system. You can expect them to be well versed in music and the arts as well as science. If you don’t want more children, older women may be a better life partner option, and they are still 20 years younger for many men looking to marry a younger woman abroad.

Many American women want to believe an older man marrying a younger woman is a domination or power thing. For some men, maybe it is. But for me, it’s all about respect and the excitement of learning her language and culture, as well as sharing the best about my own.

Others can disapprove and judge all they want. I would rather greet the day with the youngest, tallest, prettiest, smartest, and sexiest woman who really believes I am a catch.

BONUS REASON – Sometimes you just want to piss off all those women who passed on you when you were younger.

As beautiful as potential Russian mail order brides are, even more so in the Ukraine, I would not feel that I had searched for the best Russina bride unless I had taken a romance tour to the Ukraine to check out all the possibilities.

~ Charles Lamm

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