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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here’s What’s Actually “Dead” in 2012…

In a word – the “formula” for your best shot at success with white-hat SEO this year is summarized in one word:


And I’m not talking about being aggressive, or building “thousands” of backlinks. No.

I’m talking about building multiple layers of legitimacy.

Making sure your sites not only have great content, but also LOOK like an authority. Embracing the new ranking factors that Google seems to be in love with lately – sitewide content standards, social factors, user behavior statistics (like bounce rate) and passing the manual human reviews by conducted by Google staff/contractors.

Offering valid contact information, full legal docs (privacy, disclaimers, etc), professional graphics, and in general an “implied trustworthiness” that would make a human reviewer comfortable. - good article from Chris on what Google's changes mean to Internet marketing.

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