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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Text the Romance Back – Revive the Exciting Relationship « clix4jax

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Text the Romance Back – Revive the Exciting Relationship

“Text the Romance Back” was created for me – male, married, existing with a spousal roommate instead of a lover. I am more than relationship challenged. Romantically impaired. Romantically illiterate. In short, a guy.

Here’s the challenge. Men desire romance. Men need “Text the Romance Back”. Directions. We need a step-by-step instruction manual on what to say and do. We are not likely to search the web for romance advice. We need assistance from the women we love so we are able to learn how to convey that love.

Women think of love as an ongoing component of life. Regrettably, they marry men. We hunt. Once we’ve wedded and bedded the object of our desire, we move into maintenance mode. We cut way back on dates, gifts, and even plain communication.

The lone draw back to “Text the Romance Back” is getting men to invest in the program emotionally and put their timidity on the backburner long enough to have a loving – and lusty – women waiting for them when they get home. Of course, you wife might wonder what happened to her husband. Don’t be surprised if she suspects another woman and examines your cell phone. Once she sees romantic text messages only to her, you are now her definite Prince Charming.

Thousands of women are currently using little text messages to guide their husbands and boyfriends into giving them the romance and passion they desire.

Click here to watch the video, put TRB in action, and exceed the intimate, sexy, and fun relationship you desire.

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~ Charles Lamm

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