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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sitemaps for wordpress

Some simple steps to take care of sitemaps for your Wordpress blogs.

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3.) Generate a Sitemap.xml, for search engines.

Get plugin ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress’ see install is pretty straight forward. Download the zip, upload to server in plugins directory. Unzip and activate.

Then go to settings XML-Sitemap.

Under Status, click on build the sitemap link.

Under Basic Options ‘Building mode’, check the ‘Rebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blog’

Under Update notifications, check the ‘Modify or create robots.txt file in blog root which contains the sitemap location.

File permissions: OK, robots.txt is writable.’

Then scroll to the bottom and click Update Options.

4.) Create a Site Map page (this is different than the sitemap.xml). This will help your users navigate your site. It may also help your search engine results.

Get plugin ‘Sitemap Generator’ see ‘’. Install this like any other plugin.

Then go to Settings–>DDSitemapGen

I usually leave the settings to the default except for the following changes:

Under Sitemap Generation select the following:

What to show: Pages and posts

If showing both, which first: Pages first

Then under Miscellaneous enter the path to your sitemap.xml (This was created with the ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress’) into the ‘Full path to XML sitemap:’ text box.

Scroll to bottom and click the Update options button.

Now go to Write–>Page

In the title put Site Map. In the Post, select the Html tab and enter the following:

<!-- ddsitemapgen -->

Uncheck the Allow Comments and also adjust the Page Order. I usually just put a really high number.


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