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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

getting ready for 2012

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Become Less Dependent On Your Job

Many people
define a job as the state of being "just over broke". The truth
is that it is incredibly difficult to become financially independent
working for someone else. Now, the truth is that most Americans
would not be able to survive without a job, but what would you do
if someday you suddenly lost your job during a financial apocalypse?
Now is the time to start investigating alternate sources of income
and different ways to build wealth. Today it takes the average unemployed
American over
33 weeks
to find a job. You may not always be able to count
on being able to get a good job, and the economy is only going to
get worse over the long-term. All of us should be operating under
the assumption that any jobs we now have will someday be taken away.


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